• Kehidupan Itu Merupakan Suatu Pencarian

    Kehidupan Itu Merupakan Suatu Pencarian
    141 Rank Reviews

    This blog is about my life, what i found and what i search...Life will make us crazy until we found the answer for the question.Let share our opinion together find the answer in related issues.

  • Kenneth Durden, A Free Man, Thinking Freely

    Kenneth Durden, A Free Man, Thinking Freely
    142 Rank Reviews

    Black, libertarian-conservative pundit, poet, philosopher and ponderer. Following current affairs, examining history and offering insight and opinion on politics, race, culture and life.

  • Kip's Bandung

    Kip's Bandung
    143 Rank Reviews

    Blog abdi tea, just is seen, heard, felt & wanted, trying to learn to become better again. Belajar berbagai hal dan berbagi dengan sesama tentang apa saja yang sekiranya bermakna.

  • klosetide

    144 Rank Reviews

    Himpunan tulisan sederhana lewat sudut pandang berbeda. Memotret fenomena yang terjadi sehari-hari dan melukiskannya lewat goresan kata-kata. Sadar jika tiap orang tentu punya cerita, tapi tidak setiapnya mampu menuliskannya

  • La Butilka

    La Butilka
    145 Rank Reviews

    Blog sobre musica, viajes y aventuras varias. Rusia contada desde el punto de vista de un español. Blog about travels, music and much more!!Interesting and funny information about Russia

  • las flores de los deseos

    las flores de los deseos
    146 Rank Reviews

    Las flores de los deseos te cambiarán la vida, dándote los que más deseas para ser feliz, con el trabajo, para encontrar el amor, la salud, la fertilidad y sobre todo para que nunca pierdas la esperanza

  • Lazy Leon

    Lazy Leon
    147 Rank Reviews

    A personal blog focusing on life, fashion, photography, art and the life of a teenage Singaporean boy in general! Filled with fun-filled moments of my life and the struggles I face to be different in a conformist society.

  • Leandro Meneghin

    Leandro Meneghin
    148 Rank Reviews

    Blog voltado a arte - corel, vetor- literatura, cinema, video-games, download, etc. Blog voltado a arte - corel, vetor- literatura, cinema, video-games, download, etc.

  • Life Goes On

    Life Goes On
    149 Rank Reviews

    "All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I was looking for myself and aski

  • Life With Freckles

    Life With Freckles
    150 Rank Reviews

    Life with me, Freckles...and also with freckles. This will make sense after you've read my post titled "The Significance of Freckles." So what are you still doing here?

  • Limitless Blogging Ideas

    Limitless Blogging Ideas
    151 Rank Reviews

    Personal views and experiences on blogging tips and tricks, Philippine Travel and Tourism, Philippine Entertainment and Celebrities, Sports, Facebook and Twitter.

  • little amber aylurt

    little amber aylurt
    152 Rank Reviews

    little amber is the official spokesperson for stranger's candy, and comes from penfield, new york, where she lives with her grandpa, and her little dog, and this is her personal blog.

  • Little Big Dreamer

    Little Big Dreamer
    153 Rank Reviews

    My project and art development site that will feature sketches, artwork, project info, updates, articles, demos, visual novels and more. I will also be posting about other English visual novels, indie game developers, indie games, and more

  • Little Town Shoes

    Little Town Shoes
    154 Rank Reviews

    A personal blog about trying new things and reinventing yourself in New York City. Próbowanie ciągle nowych rzeczy i próbowanie ponownie, wymyślanie swojego życia na nowo w Nowym Jorku.

  • Long Distance Relationship

    Long Distance Relationship
    155 Rank Reviews

    personal life with a long distance relationship im in the usa she is in the Philippines over 8000 miles apart and 7 months all online very tough but if u love one another like we do anything is possible we share everything together like we have known each

  • Loveless

    156 Rank Reviews

    Anything about life, the negative and positive vibes of life, thoughts you wanted to share, the feeling you once thought the greatest feeling you ever imagined, experiences we are about to encounter in our life

  • Lover of Scribbling Words

    Lover of Scribbling Words
    157 Rank Reviews

    A place for me to be, musings and thoughts as I make my way through my rather complicated life right now. Mainly about my experiences with my broken arm and my inability to find Mr. right !

  • Makhluk Tuhan Paling Complex

    Makhluk Tuhan Paling Complex
    158 Rank Reviews

    I write crap, really. So here's where I defecate my thoughts, opinions and basically just about anything and everything that don't matter to you but matters to me.

  • Mariposo

    159 Rank Reviews

    Vou contar aqui o dia a dia de um casal gay ou como dizem por ai um ” par gay “, mas o que dizem, como classificam não me interessa, o que importa é que já estamos juntos há 12 anos , alias 12 felizes anos , bom voltando ao Mariposo, achei que foi

  • marsei new

    marsei new
    160 Rank Reviews

    A mixed genre blog of articles, including orb photography, spirtuality, travel, depostions, armed robbery, etc. There is a series of five articles about AIDS where the author was a volunteer to people with AIDS.

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