121 Rank Reviews

    A unique perspective on universal issues - politics, humor, music, metaphysics, conscious evolution. Eclectic, elegant, literary, thought-provoking and highly visual blog established December 2006.

  • Makhluk Tuhan Paling Complex

    Makhluk Tuhan Paling Complex
    122 Rank Reviews

    I write crap, really. So here's where I defecate my thoughts, opinions and basically just about anything and everything that don't matter to you but matters to me.

  • Man, What a Day!

    Man, What a Day!
    123 Rank Reviews

    Musings from the Crazy Aunt everyone warned you about! Thoughts and reflections on the life and love of a neurotic workaholic. Sometimes it's even better than your favorite soap opera!

  • Mariposo

    124 Rank Reviews

    Vou contar aqui o dia a dia de um casal gay ou como dizem por ai um ” par gay “, mas o que dizem, como classificam não me interessa, o que importa é que já estamos juntos há 12 anos , alias 12 felizes anos , bom voltando ao Mariposo, achei que foi

  • marsei new

    marsei new
    125 Rank Reviews

    A mixed genre blog of articles, including orb photography, spirtuality, travel, depostions, armed robbery, etc. There is a series of five articles about AIDS where the author was a volunteer to people with AIDS.

  • MaryPebbles

    126 Rank Reviews

    sharing my intimate thoughts about little and everything in a carefree, funny and friendly kind of way. Marypebbles is a highly distinguished blog that relaxes the mind of the reader

  • Masasha

    127 Rank Reviews

    Masasha adalah weblog yang berisi tentang Informasi Menarik seputar dunia internet, Tips Blogging, Tutorial Blog, Tips SEO dan tips tentang Bisnis Online. Bagaimana cara membuat blog, dan menjadikannya sebagai bisnis.

  • Medicine Wisdom and Thoughts in a Moment

    Medicine Wisdom and Thoughts in a Moment
    128 Rank Reviews

    A collection of single moments of medicine wisdom, thoughts, and quotes as shared by Carla Goddard, Msc.D. (aka Shaman Medicine Woman) from a contemporary perspective.

  • Metal Dad - Hardcore for Life

    Metal Dad - Hardcore for Life
    129 Rank Reviews

    hardcore, death metal, grindcore, black metal, film, books, theology, random stuff i find interesting, politics, market anarchism, family, absurdity, von Mises, technology

  • Midnights of Summer

    Midnights of Summer
    130 Rank Reviews

    A legitimate drug lord by day (I work in a Pharma company) and a blogger by night. This is my attempt to write something informative, interesting or funny while I doze off after updating my other websites. A legitimate drug lord by day (I work in a Pharma

  • mikebygrave.com

    131 Rank Reviews

    A repository for things that I like and dislike (and sometimes both). There's no specific topic or theme - it's merely a catalogue of my meanderings through the internet.

  • Miss Acidic - formal and informal reflections

    Miss Acidic - formal and informal reflections
    132 Rank Reviews

    My blog is all about anything under the sun. I do review and reflect on products, health topics and social issues more than anything else. I accept backlinking.

  • Misteri Dunia Unik Aneh

    Misteri Dunia Unik Aneh
    133 Rank Reviews

    Misteri Dunia,Arkeologi,Dunia Misteri Yang Belum TerPecahkan,Sejarah,Astronomi, Teknologi Sains Tips dan Trik Computer,Free Download game online, Tutorial Computer, mp3 free downloads, Tips Promosi

  • Momma Mia Mea Culpa

    Momma Mia Mea Culpa
    134 Rank Reviews

    The personal blog of Meleah Rebeccah Hawthorne. This is a daily journal about her life, her family, her friends and what it feels like to be a single mother, looking for Mr. Right, blogger, aspiring writer and all while battling Crohn’s disease.

  • MunteanUK

    135 Rank Reviews

    An unconventional view upon the world on a blog about anything, having as a general pretext the 13 weeks I spent in the UK in early 2008. I write about everything from life in the UK to religion, politics, personal experiences, travels etc.

  • My Days in Singapore

    My Days in Singapore
    136 Rank Reviews

    I'm a foreigner working in IT field in Singapore. Enjoy reading something entertaining and self-help stuffs. Sometimes I travel to new places. And I always try to make life interesting too


    137 Rank Reviews

    Haii friends my name Giby Joseph from Cochin, Kerala, India. working in Cochin, I have interested in traveling, reading, chatting, blogging, and all so share my life experience to others...

  • My Life In InsanityVille.

    My Life In InsanityVille.
    138 Rank Reviews

    This is my blog about my life and my strengths. This is also my blog about dealing with manic-depression and having to grow up struggling and being a survivor. I share my inspiration and blog with others about lives struggles about how to learn from your

  • My Meddling Mind

    My Meddling Mind
    139 Rank Reviews

    About me…. Well, I consider myself to be a woman on a journey of healing and recovery who, despite all my up's and down's still believes in the goodness, kindness and sincerity of others. What fuels me is inspiring others and being inspired, because as

  • My Own Stories - Add Yours Now

    My Own Stories - Add Yours Now
    140 Rank Reviews

    This is a motivational blog, which contains personal as well as stories created with imagination to inspire others. I write on it frequenlty and also inviting guest blog writers if any one is interested in writing for my for my blogs.

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