• Senoji Weblog

    Senoji Weblog
    21 Rank Reviews

    Blog inspired from author's exeriences contains day to day author's family and personal life also about halal food and various kind of culinary information, places and Islamic teaching

  • ubalin web blog | personal blog

    ubalin web blog | personal blog
    22 Rank Reviews

    Personal blog tentang keluarga termasuk perawatan bayi, mendidik anak, panduan SEO, google adsense, pengembangan diri, tips dan manfaat serta serba serbi lainnya.

  • Why I Wake Up Every Day

    Why I Wake Up Every Day
    23 Rank Reviews

    I am the very strange combination between a magic fairy and a selfish bitch. My ceaseless concern is to eventually discover what chance do I have to become an ordinary woman.

  • Washed by Water Through the Word

    Washed by Water Through the Word
    24 Rank Reviews

    Sharing the Good News of Jesus and His death and resurrection that brings eternal life to any and all that believe in their hearts God raised Him from the dead and call on the LORD Jesus.

  • Jim's Military/War On Terror News around the world

    Jim's Military/War On Terror News around the world
    25 Rank Reviews

    just collecting the daily military/war on terror news - sharing nice photos, cool videos, and special stories about the Armed Forces Members. Collecting news for current conflicts, the War On Terror, including both Iraq,Afghanistan and others. The News co

  • Emanuele Secco's Blog

    Emanuele Secco's Blog
    26 Rank Reviews

    Un blog in cui scrivo qualche racconto e cerco di analizzare, tramite la scrittura, ogni cosa che colpisce la mia attenzione. Non si tratta del solito blog letterario in cui si danno consigli sulle tecniche di scrittura, piuttosto un blog in cui ogni arti

  • Thitherwards - Towards "That" Point!

    Thitherwards - Towards
    27 Rank Reviews

    Thitherwards - Towards "That" Point! I write about my own experiences and I bet you would have faced the same kind too. Please agree/ disagree with my thoughts

  • JoshTam.net - Josh Tam's Official Site

    JoshTam.net - Josh Tam's Official Site
    28 Rank Reviews

    The official website of Josh Tam including portfolio, reviews, pictures, rants, opinions, secrets, discoveries, artwork, music and more. Feel free to browse around.

  • Bruce's Journal

    Bruce's Journal
    29 Rank Reviews

    I talk about my experiences and opinions on music, sports, radio and other things. I am a big fan of Bob Dylan, the New York Mets, andNew York radio. I also use this blog to vent.

  • anoptimistic

    30 Rank Reviews

    The blog is about my experiences, feelings, inspirations and short stories from the stories I have heard/experienced during my life span. This blog is a medium for me to reach out to the world. Thanks for being there and waving hand to me. Yes, I am here

  • My Thoughts and the Act

    My Thoughts and the Act
    31 Rank Reviews

    A personal pop culture blog covering general topics such as my movies, events, entertainment, food, lifestyle, gadgets, people and a lot more to cover under the sun.

  • Mygadgetlife

    32 Rank Reviews

    This is the everyday blog of Mydogisdead, this includes news reviews on technology. Also I have a musical interest and have written folktronica style Album for people who like folk music but with a electronic twist.

  • Jakarta News

    Jakarta News
    33 Rank Reviews

    The life of an expat living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia. Views, muse and information to help those wanting to visting the country. I write about my experiences here, provide information and links and update weekly

  • Experience Talks - Everyday stuff, reviews & news

    Experience Talks - Everyday stuff, reviews & news
    34 Rank Reviews

    In the blog I am sharing my experiences from my everyday hobbies and life. I also write reviews of products and services that have had an influence on me. You will also find news recaps and DIY projects.

  • Thoughts of a Sci Fi Christian Guy

    Thoughts of a Sci Fi Christian Guy
    35 Rank Reviews

    These are the Musings from the Journals of a Frustrated Wannabe Writer, and a Fan of God and Science Fiction. The posts will alternate between modern journal entries on the weekends and older journal entries mid-week.

  • Bitchspot

    36 Rank Reviews

    An atheist blog with a distinctly conservative bent, it explores religion, politics and social issues, with a hint of inherent geekiness. Welcomes all readers and encourages spirited discussion and debate.

  • Psicologia e Interazioni

    Psicologia e Interazioni
    37 Rank Reviews

    I comment on current events by using concepts borrowed from Psychology. Social Psychology helps you interpret cultural changes and facts in the global world (turmoils, disturbances, social movements...) Sociology gives instruments to understand what happ

  • The Takaho Post

    The Takaho Post
    38 Rank Reviews

    Takaho stand for tie a know and hang on, an FDR quote. This is a site about pop culture, politics, and humor. The categories reflect that. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

  • radio free exile

    radio free exile
    39 Rank Reviews

    exileguy - that voice behind Radio Free Exile - is a self-indulgent award winning curmudgeon emeritus, free-thinking self-important itinerant podcaster, marijuana legalization activist and enthusiast, leftist peace freak, and somewhat of a maniacal, two d

  • la lógica de mi papá

    la lógica de mi papá
    40 Rank Reviews

    Así es la lógica de mi papá, sin sentido, sin orden aparente, sin tema definido. Así es la lógica de mi papá, sin sentido, sin orden aparente, sin tema definido.

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