• Semper Fi Parents

    Semper Fi Parents
    181 Rank Reviews

    Join us as we chronicle our daughter's life as a member of the finest fighting force the world has ever known, the United States Marine Corps. We also present articles about Marines in wartime, Marine Corps Boot Camp training, Marine Corps history and tra

  • Senoji Weblog

    Senoji Weblog
    182 Rank Reviews

    Blog inspired from author's exeriences contains day to day author's family and personal life also about halal food and various kind of culinary information, places and Islamic teaching

  • Ship in a Bottle

    Ship in a Bottle
    183 Rank Reviews

    One of the simplest ways to be happy is to let go of those things that make you sad. While it is impossible to exorcise every sea monster from your past, you can always get in your boat and sail away to better waters.

  • Simtoink

    184 Rank Reviews

    a personal blog of an industrial engineer who just lets her mind wander. Simtoink was created sometime in 2010 out of curiosity and might I say insecurity. But what happens to be a negative cause has brought me positive effects. With Simtoink I have been

  • situsarnes

    185 Rank Reviews

    situsarnes berisikan aneka ragam informasi pengetahuan, sejarah budaya, wirausaha, pariwisata, kuliner, misteri mistik serta kumpulan artikel bermanfaat lainnya.

  • Skyline Nachrichten

    Skyline Nachrichten
    186 Rank Reviews

    Wir analysieren nationale sowie internationale Nachrichten, aus einer anderen Perspektive, damit wir jedem Leser zum selbst-kritischen Nachdenken anregen bzw. motivieren. Wir lassen uns von den alten Leitspruch inspirieren: Wieso - Weshalb - Warum - Wer o

  • Sleepless Diaries

    Sleepless Diaries
    187 Rank Reviews

    My travails of writing in the nights spent sleepless. This is short one liners, probably sometimes goes longer, about my love for a girl, about how i end up remaining sleepless in her memories

  • So Very Me

    So Very Me
    188 Rank Reviews

    Small blog of a mother with a child. Photography, shopping and life are what this blog is all about! There are also review, opinions, and dolls for all to see and enjoy!

  • Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

    Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
    189 Rank Reviews

    Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum is famous for being the richest Hindu Temple in India and the World. This Lord Vishnu Temple is one of the 180 Divyadeshams of Mahavishnu.

  • Status Is Single

    Status Is Single
    190 Rank Reviews

    Status Is Single is the blog of Yessica Waters, pseudonym for a cheerful and opinionated twenty-seven years old girl-(slash)-woman who writes about love and relationships.

  • Studs of CL

    Studs of CL
    191 Rank Reviews

    A hilarious blog featuring strange and ridiculous personal ads found on Craigslist. All sorts can be found on Studs of Craigslist. This blog will make you laugh until you cry!

  • Sudut Korupsi

    Sudut Korupsi
    192 Rank Reviews

    Memuat tentang informasi tindak pidana korupsi dan juga berbagai gagasan dari para ahli serta coretan tangan dari admin sendiri dan juga berbagai informasi menarik lainnya

  • Talking to Myself

    Talking to Myself
    193 Rank Reviews

    It's simple, I make observations about the world, and I write about it. The topics could be music, sports, food, television, the internet, the news, life. Something different every day.

  • tanda tanya, tentang kehidupan, dan cerita indahku

    tanda tanya, tentang kehidupan, dan cerita indahku
    194 Rank Reviews

    Mengeluh Hanya kan membuat Hidupmu Semakin Sulit, Tersenyumlah Sobat! blog ini menjadi tempat untuk kita berdiskusi dan menuliskan semuanya tentang kehidupan, apapun itu, baik tentang kebahagiaan, kesedihan, maupun tentang takdir lainnya yang pernah dibe

  • Teezie's Tantalizing Thoughts

    Teezie's Tantalizing Thoughts
    195 Rank Reviews

    Just a blog about what goes on in my everyday and thoughts I think and just stuff I like. I talk about relationships, kids, school, work and also link up to post that I like, giveaways etc.

  • The Anglo-Sinkie Scribbles

    The Anglo-Sinkie Scribbles
    196 Rank Reviews

    This personal blog comprises readings and thoughts on anglo-catholic Christianity and theology, science, society, current affairs and the English language and literature.

  • The Blog That Am! (A work by its author)

    The Blog That Am! (A work by its author)
    197 Rank Reviews

    The Blog Our Parents WARNED(!!) Us About, as written by an actual specimen of The People Our Parents, &c., discussing whatever comes across the mind of said blogger.

  • The Blogger Formerly Known As

    The Blogger Formerly Known As
    198 Rank Reviews

    Unpublished, unpolished, and unfinished, I’m just another writer. I’m hopefully transitioning into a part of my life when I can start to omit the letters un from the beginnings of words. This is where I come to express myself. And to make pictures o

  • The Council

    The Council
    199 Rank Reviews

    Personal musings on Philippine travel, business, government, news, culture, people, employment, holidays, music, movies, gadgets, phones, technology and everyday life.

  • The Daily Hottentots

    The Daily Hottentots
    200 Rank Reviews

    This is a personal blog that features little drops of wisdom from someone who isn't so wise. I blog about politics, religion, life, and things that are important to people.

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