• Werewolves and Shotglasses

    Werewolves and Shotglasses
    81 Rank Reviews

    Commentary and discussion on books, writers, and the literary world. All with a humorous twist. I write stories populated with magic, noir, and the unexplainable. I have more pages of ideas than I do of actual story, and I have a nasty habit of being qui

  • Wikiary.net - A literary wiki!

    Wikiary.net - A literary wiki!
    82 Rank Reviews

    Wikiary.net is, essentially, a literary wiki! Have you ever wanted to see what direction someone else might take a story or characters you started? Or have you ever had a great plot idea, but couldn’t figure out exactly how to get going? Wikiary.net al

  • Xavier Serrahima: el racó de la paraula

    Xavier Serrahima: el racó de la paraula
    83 Rank Reviews

    Xavier Serrahima: el racó de la paraula. Una finestra de diàleg oberta al món: fòrum d'opinió, literatura, cultura i societat. Literatura i actualitat a Catalunya.

  • ثقافة عامة

    ثقافة عامة
    84 Rank Reviews

    ثقافة عامة عبارة عن مدونة ثقافية بآمتياز, تهدف لنشر الوعي الثقافي, محاورها عديدة مثل: حكم واقوال, معلومات ثقافية, حكم وامثال وكلام جميل

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